• Byron Area Schools 
    Board of Education
    Truth in Taxation and June Regular Meeting
    The Board of Education will meet
    Thursday, June 28, 2018
    at 7:00 PM in the George Vince Community Library
    312 W. Maple St., Byron, MI  48418
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    Byron Area Schools

    Board of Education, 2018

    Board members at meeting

    Jeff Vandemark, Secretary
    Eric Sneed, Vice President
    Amy Lawrence, Treasurer
    Stella Glass, Trustee
    Mike McGuire, President
    Jim Anibal, Trustee
    Will Honke, Trustee


Board of Education Goals

    • Leadership - Provide leadership for major initiatives and change efforts.
    • Student Achievement - Improve student achievement.
    • Community Connection - Create an environment that nurtures the value of education.
    • Financial Responsibilities - Maximize resources for teaching and learning.
    • Facilities Responsibilities - Develop and implement a plan for the physical needs of the facilities.


Board of Education Meeting Schedule

  • Meeting Date Type of Meeting Meeting Notes
    January 16, 2018  Organization & Regular   
    February 20, 2018  Regular  
    March 7, 2018  Work Session canceled as of 02/20/18
    March 19, 2018  Regular

    April 16, 2018 Regular  
     May 2, 2018 Work Session


     May 21, 2018 Regular  
    June 28, 2018  Regular rescheduled from 06/20/18 
    July 16, 2018  Regular  
    August 20, 2018  Regular  
    September 5, 2018  Work Session  
    September 17, 2018  Regular  
    October 15, 2018  Regular  
    November 7, 2018  Work Session  
    November 19, 2018  Regular  
    December 17, 2018  Work Session  
    January 22, 2019  Organization and Regular  

    Meeting Start Times

    Regular meetings: 7:00 p.m.
    Organizational meetings: 6:45 p.m.
    Work sessions: 6:00 p.m.

    Meeting Location
    All meetings will be held in the George Vince Community Library/Byron High School Media Center, 312 W. Maple Street, Byron, MI  48418, unless otherwise posted.

    Upon request to the Board, the District shall make reasonable accommodations for disabled persons to be able to participate in meetings.

Upcoming Events

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