Byron FFA Alumni & Friends Association

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    Executive Committee:

    President Mike Oliver
    Vice President Val Ritter
    Secretary Ann Miles
    Treasurer Mina Forbush
    Trustee Will Honke
    Trustee Don Wight

  • Byron FFA Alumni & Friends
    Do you have a son or daughter involved in the Byron FFA? Were you a previous Byron FFA member? Are you an individual that is interested in local agriculture, or helping support the Byron FFA? If so, the Byron FFA Alumni and Friends would like to invite you to be a part of our growing organization. We are a group of individuals that are interested in seeing our FFA chapter grow and prosper. We have fundraisers that are used to help the chapter with some of their activities throughout the year, and provide scholarships for students beyond high school. We do have meetings, but that is NOT a requirement for you to become involved in this successful program. FFA is an organization that builds self confidence and being part of this organization means your son or daughter does not have to be the best athlete or the most popular student to succeed. Our group is proud to be part of that experience. Please give us a call if you would like to support the continued success of the Byron FFA Chapter. Contact: Mike Oliver (810) 845-0451 or Tate Forbush (810) 266-4620.

FFA Scholarship Info

  • Scholarship Information:
    Each year the Byron FFA Alumni & Friends Association offers scholarships for outstanding high school and college students to help them continue to pursue their dreams.

    Contact Us:
    Mike Oliver
    (810) 845-0451

    Tate Forbush
    (810) 266-4620