Homeless Education

  • To contact our Local Liaison:
    Autumn McGuire

    Byron Area Schools
    312 W. Maple Avenue
    Byron, MI  48418
    Phone:  (810) 266-4881

    Michigan Department of Education's Homeless Education Program

    Pam Kies-Lowe - State Coordinator for Homeless Education
    Phone: (517) 241-1162

    Website: www.michigan.gov/homeless

    If your family is in a temporary or inadequate living situation due to a loss of housing, your child might be eligible for certain educational rights and services.  Please click here to print the Student Residency Questionnaire to help determine your student's eligibility.

    Under the McKinney-Vento Act, students in homeless situations have the right to:

    • Go to school, no matter where they live or how long they have lived there. 
    • Attend either the local school or the school of origin, depending on their best interest; the school of origin is the school the student attended before losing housing or the school the student last attended; the student can attend the school of origin even if he/she now lives outside that district’s lines.
    • Receive transportation to and from the school of origin at no cost.
    • Enroll in school immediately, even if missing records and documents normally required for enrollment, such as a birth certificate, proof of residence, previous school records, or immunization/medical records.
    • Enroll, attend classes, and participate fully in all school activities while the school gathers records.
    • Have access to the same programs and services that are available to all other students, including transportation and supplemental educational services. 
    • Receive free school meals.


McKinney-Vento Act

  • If you lost your housing and now live in a shelter, motel, vehicle, camp ground, or temporary trailer; on the street; doubled-up with family or friends; or in another type of temporary or inadequate housing, your child might be able to receive help through a federal law called the McKinney-Vento Act.

Last Modified on November 15, 2023