Powderpuff Rules

  • Powderpuff Rules-

    • A copy of the completed signup- numbers and names- must be submitted to coordinator and principal before ordering shirts/jerseys.

    • Any shorts worn by players and cheerleaders must follow dress code- thumb length.  

    • Jersey nicknames must be appropriate (and approved by administration).

    • Cheerleaders will remain on their half of the field.

    • Athletes MUST wear a mouthguard.  

    • Youth football is used.

    • Field is not regulation length- from 20 yard line to 20 yard line.

    • Cleats are prohibited.

    • All requirements set by class sponsors for participation will be adhered to.

    • Cheers should be free from profanity and degrading or suggestive language.

    • All practices must be supervised by a sponsor or other adult.  Practices may not be held with only student supervision.

    • No practices can be held on the football field.

    • This is flag football.  Players may be ejected for unnecessary roughness. 


    These events are an extension of the school day and all school policies must be followed.  Failure to adhere to school policies may result in disciplinary action.

Last Modified on September 6, 2023