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School Bus Rules


    School Bus Rules:

    1. Students are to be at the bus stop five minutes prior to scheduled stop.
    2. Students are not to crowd the doorway when loading or unloading.
    3. Students are to go directly to assigned seats, which the driver will assign.
    4. Students may speak to neighboring students in a normal tone of voice. No profane language will be allowed.
    5. There will be no glass containers of any kind.
    6. There will be no drinking or eating on the bus – after school trips are an exception.
    7. There will be no littering on the bus.
    8. Students must keep all parts of the body inside the bus at all times.
    9. Students must realize that railroad crossings are very dangerous and must keep absolutely quiet when approaching railroad crossings.
    10. Students must wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before loading or unloading, and all loading and unloading will be done at the front door under normal conditions.
    11. No student(s) are to collect their mail from their mailbox until the bus is gone.
    12. No students other than Byron students are permitted on the bus at any time.
    13. After unloading, students should cross in front of the bus only on driver’s signal.
    14. Students are forbidden to smoke, vape, fight, scuffle, use profane language, consume alcoholic beverages, use narcotics, create life-threatening situations, or disregard the orders of the bus driver while entering or riding, or leaving the bus.
    15. Elementary and Middle School students must have written permission to be dropped off at any location other than their regular drop-off location.
    16. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate suspension from the bus and/or suspension from school per Board of Education policy.

    This Transportation Department information has been prepared to answer your questions and explain the total Transportation Department operation. Your cooperation will be appreciated. If you have an individual problem, we encourage you to contact the Transportation Supervisor so everything possible can be done to provide the most effective service in transporting students to and from school.

    Joseph McWilliams, Transportation Supervisor

    The Transportation Department asks that you please drop your children at the designated student unloading area in the morning. Dropping your children in front of the High School and in the parking lot at the Elementary when busses are parking is causing a serious safety problem.

Bus Safety Procedures

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